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The Executive Team

Benjamin Muscolino

Co-President & Co-Founder

Ben Muscolino is the Co-President and Co-Founder of benel Solutions. Prior to founding benel Solutions, Ben held various roles ranging from Sales Manager to Director of Client Services at Avectra (now Abila). Before Avectra, Ben was brought on board to help Vocus (then publicly traded as VOCS) launch to market its Small Business Edition product which immersed him in market strategy and product development tasks in addition to his focus on new sales. Ben is always balancing his strategic and entrepreneurial mindset with learning new technologies while remaining focused on the people and relationship building elements of business. Ben is an active volunteer and committee member of multiple associations and nonprofits including the Mental Health Association based out of his home-town of Rochester, NY and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Rochester Ataxia Foundation. Ben currently resides in Reston, VA but shoots away to see family in the Rochester area every chance he gets.

El Mehdi Marhoum

Co-President & Co-Founder

El Mehdi Marhoum is the Co-President and Co-Founder of benel Solutions. An entrepreneur and lifelong hacker, El Mehdi is an expert in developing and architecting scalable and innovative software solutions. El Mehdi loves leading and mentoring just as much as he loves tackling complex software projects on his own. Prior to founding benel Solutions, El Mehdi held various roles ranging from Software Engineer climbing quickly to the ranks of an Enterprise Solutions Architect. As a successful and respected Technical Lead and Solution Architect at Avectra (now Abila), El Mehdi learned the association and fundraising businesses which gives him the business acumen to match his technical skills. El Mehdi is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and also has a Master’s Degree from George Mason University. El Mehdi has held various officer positions across several associations dating back to college from Social Chairman to President and is currently active within multiple associations and nonprofits in his community. El Mehdi currently lives in Sterling, VA.